Nagios Plugin - Check Relayd

Nagios Plugin - Check Relayd

Comprehensive perl relayd checker.

NOTE:- Requires Perl 5.8 or higher

Nagios user will need sudo access - suggest adding line below to sudoers

_nagios ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/relayctl show summary

This plugin is designed to run on a local host, if Nagios is not local I suggest you run it via NRPE. However if you are running this on a firewall I would recommend not using NRPE and run a local Nagios useing OCSP/OCHP to pass messages back to your main Nagios.


Check_relayd checks that all redirect & relays loaded by relayd are active. If a redirect/relay or table are down/empty it will give a CRITICAL message with information regarding what has failed. If host(s) are down in a given redirect/relay then it will give a WARNING unless there are 0 up for that relay/redirect in which case it will give a CRITICAL.

If relayd returns any unexpected output (command failure, system errors) this program will return a CRITICAL.

check_relayd [ARGS]

-h, -?, --help

Print Help Information

-V, --version

Print Version Information

-r, --relay, --redirect

Optional -r argument you can give a list of the expected relays/redirect separated by commas (,). If it does not find the relay/redirect return CRITICAL. If a relay/redirect is found that is not defined return WARNING (unless you also use -n see below).

-n, --nowarn

If -n is used do not warn for unexpected relay/redirect found so that we can test just for a single relay/redirect.

If you need any support or help with this plugin or if you find any cool ways of improving it please let me know. Download from Nagios Exchange

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