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Interchange6::Schema release v0.102

Racke cooked up a new release yesterday - yay!

Here are some of the highlights that have been added so far this year:

  • Schema has new user_locale and current_user attributes which can be used to stash locale and User object of logged in user.
  • New support for partial shipments.
  • New MediaNavigation link table to allow media to be associated with Navigation elements.
  • ProductReview class has been replaced with more generic ProductMessage so we can use it for other message types associated with products.

See the Changelog for full details.

Posted on 4 March 2016 by SysPete [Permalink]


I just release a new Dancer and Dancer2 plugin for Data::Transpose::Validator:


This plugin provides easy access to DTV with configuration stored in individual rules files so that the DTV configuration doesn't clutter up your routes.

We're already using this for the Perl Dancer Conference 2015 website and maybe it will end up being the subject of a talk at the conference - we'll see.

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Just released Types::PerlVersion to the CPAN. A simple Moo(se)-compatible Perl::Version type constraint for Type::Tiny.


Posted on 1 May 2015 by SysPete [Permalink]

A new versioned schema for DBIx::Class

Some time ago I used Jifty to create a number of dynamic websites and loved the way Jifty::DBI handled schema changes so I thought it was time something like this came to DBIx::Class. The result:


Here's the talk I presented at the Perl Dancer Conference 2014:

A new versioned schema for DBIx::Class

Hopefully at some point I'll pull some of that talk into this blog post.

Posted on 9 October 2014 by SysPete [Permalink]

Securing your Dancer app

Here is a link to a talk I gave today at the Perl: :Dancer Conference 2014:

Securing your Dancer app - keeping out the bad guys

The Attackers are Winning

"On the internet right now, the attacker has the advantage and will for the foreseeable future."
— Bruce Schneier, AppSec USA, 18th September 2014
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