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Interchange6::Schema release v0.102

Racke cooked up a new release yesterday - yay!

Here are some of the highlights that have been added so far this year:

  • Schema has new user_locale and current_user attributes which can be used to stash locale and User object of logged in user.
  • New support for partial shipments.
  • New MediaNavigation link table to allow media to be associated with Navigation elements.
  • ProductReview class has been replaced with more generic ProductMessage so we can use it for other message types associated with products.

See the Changelog for full details.

Posted on 4 March 2016 by SysPete [Permalink]

A new versioned schema for DBIx::Class

Some time ago I used Jifty to create a number of dynamic websites and loved the way Jifty::DBI handled schema changes so I thought it was time something like this came to DBIx::Class. The result:


Here's the talk I presented at the Perl Dancer Conference 2014:

A new versioned schema for DBIx::Class

Hopefully at some point I'll pull some of that talk into this blog post.

Posted on 9 October 2014 by SysPete [Permalink]